WordPress.tv videos watched

These are some of the videos I’ve enjoyed watching earlier this year on wordpress.tv, and thought worth noting.

Michael McNeill: Things you should know about WordPress (but were always afraid to ask)

A technical overview of the structures and processes of a WordPress site.

Kevin Fodness: Object-Oriented Theme Development

Straightforward, well-structured talk on developing themes in object-oriented style.

Ray Mitchell: Create Your Podcast Platform on WordPress

Nice beginners introduction to podcast culture.

Chris Reynolds : Why Hacking WordPress Search Isn’t Some Big Scary Thing

Useful 20 minute demystification of WP search functionality. Chris points out WP search already uses standard WP queries, so isn’t very hard if you already know about those. Chris then demos some cool ways WP search can be manipulated.

Some additional search resources:



Extend the default WordPress Search




Justin Sternberg: CMB2: The Metabox Strikes Back

Interesting talk on an implementation of custom meta boxes, forms and fields in WordPress, centring around the CMB2 plugin which looks worth a look as an alternative to the popular ACF.

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